We have executed hundreds of successful campaigns for IT companies. Here are those we love the most. Contact us if you need to see all of them!
Our Projects
We always start with business objectives
Ricoh: creating value proposition through storytelling
Ricoh had to increase the sales of the new SMB printer product line, however, the product did not have a unique selling proposition. So, we decided to create it from scratch.

Learn how we communicated a unique value of Ricoh's printers, attracted 35,000 potential buyers to the product page and helped hit 100% of the sales target.
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Toshiba: generating demand for a specific b2b product
Toshiba had to generate demand for a brand new aS300/V300 HDD for video surveillance systems. The target audience from the b2b segment was completely unaware of the offering. Yet.

Learn how we managed to reach out to 10 million readers, increase search volumes for each model almost two-fold and attracted 12,000 interested users to partner e-stores - all of it in an unbelievably short time.

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ZTE: changing the common brand perception
We had to change the perception towards ZTE, a fast-growing mobile vendor. For channel partners and users alike, ZTE was 'just another Chinese smartphone brand', which negatively impacted sales in Russia.

Learn how we increase coverage by 56% and decrease the number of negative mentions by 27% in a year, contributing to ZTE's soaring to a #1 smartphone vendor in Russia at the time. .
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Mio: pushing the brand towards the leadership on a highly competitive market
The market of automotive electronics is stagnating, and competitors are fierce.

Learn how we grew Mio's share of voice by 100%, contributing to a 10% annual sales growth and doubling Mio's regional partner network.
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